Fondant Icings & Sugar Paste Made in Australia


Fondant icings & sugar pastes made in Australia.

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Cake Art

 Silky Petal Paste

A fast drying, silky textured sugar paste used for making the most intricate flowers, plaques, cut outs and moldings. It is white and made from a formula that accepts dusting colors and air brushing. non stick decorators sugar is ideal for the handling of the paste and cutting and pressings, it drops clean from tappits. It can be rolled out wafer thin and fluted. If you are sculpting into figurines you can also use the confectioners fat to created smooth                                                                          features. 

 available in white 250g and 1kg tub

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Flower Moulding Paste

This is a very pliable paste made for the intricate work of make sugar flowers come to life. it is made with strong gum powders to create the delicate petals.  Works beautifully with the decorators sugar for ease of work  and a silky finish. Complimented with lustres and air brushing  your flowers come to life..

Available  in white, ivory, red, green and black in                                      250g

                                  white and ivory in 1kg.

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Modelling powder 

This is a dry powder mix which has an extended life and is mixed as you need it, as little or as much. Just add water and knead until well mixed and  piliable . Store in a click seal bag, It can be coloured, air brushed, painted or dusted with lustres. 

Available in 500g bag and 25kg.

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