Fondant Icings & Sugar Paste Made in Australia


Fondant icings & sugar pastes made in Australia.

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This is a powder form, just add water to make the desired amount, no wastage. It is designed to be piped and sets to form a intricate piped edges or patterns. It can be coloured with all colour forms, but if  you are using liquid to make a strong colour include it in the  water  content when you are mixing. Beat it till stiff peaks form. Royal icing needs a clean glass bowl for mixing. Your piping bags need to be solely used for the royal icing. Royal icing will not be sharp if ANY fats are in contact, this is even  if butter cream has been used in the piping bag some time ago. Royal icing is used as the glue that holds a cake together, between tiers, to attached flowers and decorations.  If additional water is added  to loosen the thickness, you can also folk art paint directly onto the cake for a very dramatic result. Keeps in the fridge for up to a week after it is mixed, lay cling wrap over the surface to stop a crust forming.   

available in 500g packet and 25kg.

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