Fondant Icings & Sugar Paste Made in Australia


Fondant icings & sugar pastes made in Australia.

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This is a non dairy whipped icing that is white and perfect for the frosted, buttercream piped style of decorating. It is so easy to use;  whip, add water, whip again. It is light and fluffy and can be piped to create the shapes and novelty  designs. It can be coloured with all forms of colour and flavour.  Ideal for freezing so it is perfect on ice cream cakes. The icing only                                                                        needs to be stored below 25 degrees, an air conditioned room is                                                                all you need.  It has a smooth  surface and a perfect                                                                                  texture for edible images, they can stay on for days and not                                                                      bleed or dissolve into the icing.

                                                               Contains NO DAIRY, no nuts no added gluten.


Available in 500g.

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