Fondant Icings & Sugar Paste Made in Australia


Fondant icings & sugar pastes made in Australia.


Buttercream is the most popular and well known icing we have all used.  It is a whipped soft piping icing.  Cake Art buttercream is NON DAIRY,  gluten free and is made in our factory that produces no nut products. A vivid white icing that is easily coloured with the Cake Art gel colours to create all the effects and designs for a beautiful cake. Cake Art fondant can be applied over the buttercream. It  can be flavoured to enhance the taste and used as a filling in tortes. Kids can have fun and help. It is so easy to use and makes all cakes and cupcakes spectacular. Come is two sizes 425g and 2kg.     

Printed images lay perfectly over Buttercream. Airbrushing effects are highlighted with the texture of buttercream. Keep in the cupboard for those quick special cakes and impress your friends.